Cooper’s Ransom Rye Whiskey


“An interesting spicy nose gives way to dark rye bread and caraway profiles on the palette. Slowly fading into a gentle, sweet, nougat ending. Finished at cask strength (102 Proof!) in NYS Cabernet Sauvignon barrels. This product is incredibly complex and unique!”

American and NYS Cab-Sauv Barrels

Dark pumpernickel, caramel and spice

102 proof

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Our newest product and addition to the Cooper’s Line of Spirits

A hand-selected blend of small batch one to two year old rye whiskies, this 100% Cooperstown rye is crafted from locally grown rye and corn from Canajoharie, New York. With an 80% rye grain bill, this young rye begins its journey in a small to medium sized new American oak barrels. It is then finished in used Cabernet Sauvignon barrels from Long Island, New York, where it gets its extraordinary color and distinctive character. An interesting spice nose gives way to dark rye bread and caraway profiles on the palette, slowly fading into a gentle, sweet nougat ending. Finished at cask strength (102 proof), this distinctive rye is incredibly complex and uniquely different. Enjoy!  ON SALE  $45.00

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