Classic Mint Julep Recipe

1 teaspoon Powdered sugar
2 oz. Beanball Bourbon Whiskey
2 teaspoons Water
4 Mint leaves

Preparation: In a highball glass gently muddle the mint, sugar and water. Fill the glass with cracked ice, add Beanball Bourbon and stir well until the glass is well frosted. Garnish with a mint sprig.

Served: On the rocks; poured over ice

COVID-19 Statement from the Cooperstown Distillery

To our customers and friends,

As you all know the Coronavirus pandemic is affecting all aspects of our personal and professional lives. In an effort to observe some of the newest government mandates now imposed, we will be closing all bar service at the Cooperstown Beverage Exchange effective 8:00 PM Monday, March 16th, until further notice. We will also be amending our retail hours. Henceforth, The Cooperstown Beverage Exchange will be open only on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 12 PM to 6 PM. Additionally, our 11 Railroad Avenue production facility will now be closed to all retail traffic. This will include weekends and tours. Any retail products can be purchased at The Cooperstown Beverage Exchange, 73 Main St., on the aforementioned days and hours and online.

It goes without saying that we are greatly concerned with the spread of the virus and will continue to monitor ongoing events while exercising strict measures to ensure we meet the prescribed standards for safety and efficacy within our facility. To that end, we are currently working on a hand sanitizer formula made from our neutral spirit base, to dispense to the public-free of charge. We will keep you posted on that process.

We hope everyone makes it through this unprecedented crisis unscathed and unharmed. We look forward to returning to our normalcy as soon as we can. Good luck to all.
Be on the look out for an in-store 20% off discount coupon for any of our spirits to help “ease the pain”and improve your outlook on things.

All the best,
Cooperstown Distillery and Cooperstown Beverage Exchange

The Fifty Best Holds an Aged Rum Tasting

New York, NY, (March 9, 2020) – The Fifty Best has once again shined its spotlight on Aged Rum by hosting a tasting where contenders were evaluated for the distinguished “Best Aged Rum” awards for 2020.

The Fifty Best is very pleased to announce that Sam Smith’s Boatyard Aged Rum was awarded a Gold medal.

Using professional criteria, the pre-qualified panel of judges blind-tasted the rums and rated them individually on a 1-5 point scoring system with 5 being the highest. After tallying the scores, medals were awarded based on the judges’ impressions.

The complete results, along with tasting notes, can be viewed here: is a digital guide to wines & spirits, featuring rated listings resulting from proprietary blind tastings as judged by wine/spirits journalists, spirits professionals, wine/spirit retailers, mixologists, spirits consultants and connoisseurs.  The Fifty Best achieves the highest standards of spirits evaluations by adhering to strict tasting rules and rigorous methodology.

Irish Coffee Recipe


  • 2 sugar cubes
  • 4-6 ounces Brewed coffee
  • 1 1⁄3 ounces Cooper’s Ransom Rye Whiskey
  • Heavy cream, lightly whipped


Pre-heat a 6-ounce, heatproof glass by filling with hot water. Once warm, empty the glass. Add two sugar cubes to the glass, then pour over coffee until the glass is 3⁄4 full. Stir thoroughly until the sugar is dissolved. Add 1 1⁄3 ounces of Cooper’s Ransom Rye Whiskey to the coffee. Float a layer of lightly whipped cream over the top of the coffee by pouring gently over a spoon.