Revolutionary Spiked Eggnog Recipe

1 quart prepared eggnog
4 ounces Saratoga Revolutionary Rum
3 ounces cognac
Ground cinnamon
Ground nutmeg

Stir the eggnog, rum, and cognac together in a pitcher. Pour into a glass over ice and garnish with fresh grated cinnamon and nutmeg. Enjoy!

Spitball Hot Chocolate Recipe

Indulge in the ultimate winter treat with our signature Spitball Hot Chocolate. Crafted with care, this luxurious concoction combines the velvety smoothness of rich hot chocolate with the fiery warmth of Spitball Cinnamon Whiskey. Each sip dances on your palate, tantalizing your taste buds with a perfect balance of sweet and spicy flavors. Topped with a cloud of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon, every sip promises pure bliss. Experience the magic of winter in a mug with Spitball Hot Chocolate – a decadent delight to warm your soul on even the coldest of nights.

2 oz Spitball Cinnamon Whiskey
4 oz hot chocolate

Add Spitball Cinnamon Whiskey to your favorite hot chocolate recipe, top with whipped cream and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Enjoy!

Fenimore Gin Fizz Recipe

1.5 oz Fenimore Gin
.5 oz Cranberry Juice
.5 oz Orange Juice
Top with Prosecco
Rosemary and Cranberries for Garnish

In a shaker combine Fenimore Gin, cranberry juice, and orange juice. Shake, strain into a glass, top with prosecco, and garnish with rosemary and cranberries. Enjoy!