Baseball Collection

Abner Doubleday’s

A blend of young and 5 year old bourbons, it drinks remarkably well, like a fine “older” bourbon should.  Filled in our patented, specialty baseball decanter, this bourbon makes a great sipping spirit.
90 Proof. Available in 750 ml. bottles.

Abner Doubleday’s
Double Play Vodka

Our award-winning, premium Vodka made from 100% wheat in a unique hand-blown glass decanter bottle. Each bottle is designed in the shape of a baseball, right down to the 108 seam stitches! An exceptionally smooth, premium vodka and a one of a kind piece!
80 Proof. Available in 750 ml. bottles.

Abner Doubleday’s
American Whiskey

This beautiful handmade whiskey has been aged for 10 months in used American oak bourbon barrels.  Done in a lighter style and filled in our patented, specialty baseball decanter, it is a a remarkably smooth-drinking whiskey.
90 Proof. Available in 750 ml. bottles.

The Triple Play

This unique 3-pack comes in a handy cardboard gift box and includes a full lineup of our Abner Doubleday premium craft spirits: Bourbon, Double Play Vodka and American Whiskey.  Each comes in our patented, hand blown Baseball Bottle.  An extraordinary value!
Available in boxes of 3-750 ml bottles.

Spitball Cinnamon Whiskey

This complex cinnamon whiskey is named “Spitball” as a nod to the controversial baseball pitch during the early days of the game. With 50% less sugar content than mass marketed competitors, whiskey connoisseurs can enjoy this spirit straight, on the rocks, or as a mixer in Manhattans or Whiskey Sours.
70 Proof. Available in 750 ml. bottles.

Beanball Bourbon

A hand-crafted blend that adds a degree of softness on the palette while creating layers of depth and complexity.  Our distiller decided to bump this up slightly in proof in order to accentuate the finish notes on this thoroughly enjoyable spirit.
90 Proof.
Available in 750 ml. bottles.

Premium Cooperstown Collection

Cooper’s Legacy Bourbon

Our most highly acclaimed and distinguished bourbon stands out among even the finest whiskeys in the world. A masterfully-crafted mash bill, along with a subtle hand in the aging and blending, has resulted in a remarkably soft and delicate bourbon.  A masterpiece worthy of its many awards.  Try it and you too will become a believer!
100 Proof.
Available in 750 ml. bottles.

Cooper’s Ransom Rye Whiskey

This 100% Cooperstown rye is crafted from locally grown rye and corn in New York.  This rye begins its journey in new American oak barrels and then is finished for one year in used Cabernet Sauvignon barrels.  Bottled at cast strength, this distinctive rye is incredibly complex.
102 Proof. Available in 750 ml. bottles.

Cooper’s Classic American Whiskey

A traditional bourbon mash, this great whiskey has aged over 2 years and is blended several times with whiskey from re-charred American oak barrels.  It spends the last 3 months of its life in French oak.  Enjoy it neat or on the rocks for a truly unique sipping experience.
90 Proof.
Available in 750 ml. bottles.

Glimmerglass Vodka

Made from 100% New York State wheat grown in the Finger Lakes region, this exceptionally smooth vodka is distilled six times, then charcoal-filtered twice using our unique custom filtration process.  This vodka drinks with a degree of softness that defies description.
80 Proof. Available in 750 ml bottles.

Fenimore Gin

A lovingly handcrafted recipe of fourteen botanicals.  Includes Juniper Berry and citrus peel, but turns the corner with the more esoteric botanicals like Eucalyptus, Chamomile, Star Anise, and native New York Lilac.  This craft style gin will please both the traditional and non-traditional gin drinker.
80 Proof. Available in 750 ml. bottles.

Lafite French Traders Gin

This enticing gin is aged in our used bourbon barrels.  During the aging process, it begins to pick up undertones of a fine whiskey and acquires a slight amber color.  This three year-old old barreled gin, made from 100% white winter wheat, is distilled by hot vapor extraction with no maceration.
90 Proof. Available in 375 ml. bottles.

Sam Smith’s Boatyard Rum

Made from 100% non-GMO sugar cane, this Caribbean-style rum is aged a minimum of two years.  It drinks delightfully smooth with soft spice notes on the nose and the faintest hint of vanilla on the finish.  A classy, sophisticated rum.
86 Proof. Available in 750 ml. bottles.

Cane High Spiced Rum

A spiced rum with distinction.  A proprietary blend of exotic Chai-style spices infused with our two-year-old amber rum.  This intriguing mix steers away from the mainstream creating an uncommon spirit with enticing substance and real character.
86 Proof. Available in 750 ml. bottles.