Spitball Cinnamon Whiskey by Cooperstown Distillery

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  1. Jeff

    My wife & I did a little weekend in Cooperstown late summer 2016. Although I had passed through the town a few times over the years in my business travels, this was my first visit as a true tourist. I was more than happy to be able to enjoy a few of the spirits offered by Cooperstown Distillery at 2:00 in the afternoon! I have to be honest in saying that my initial reaction left me mildly impressed but not so sure I was ready to plunk down a premium price. You should know that I am not a professional connoisseur of spirits in any way. I am a whiskey/bourbon drinker with an occasional scotch mixed in. The Spitball cinnamon whiskey piqued my interest the most and my initial taste of it left me thinking it was just pretty good. The server quickly cautioned me to not expect the same taste as some of the more commercial brands of cinnamon whiskey due to the fact that this product is not overly sweetened with sugar like most commercial brands. Duly noted. My palate for sugary commercial brands reared its head but I fought through it to enjoy the fresh and natural heat of the cinnamon flavors that Spitball offered. I bought a bottle to take home and over the past 6-9 months have really developed a liking for this stuff! This is a cinnamon whiskey, not a schnapps. The whiskey hits you up front with a lingering fresh cinnamon that remains. I don’t miss the sugary sweetness one bit! I landed here and am writing this review as I am about to order a couple more bottles. I have not tried it yet in any form other than a straight sip or shot. I can’t speak to the mixology factor but have to think that it’s fresh and natural flavors would do well in that regard. Well done Cooperstown!

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